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Moving House

Move In / Move out Clean

This type of clean is done when you're preparing your home for new residents to take over or if you’re a renter and you've been given a to do list by your landlord it will be helpful to have that before our arrival.

Important Notice;

Moving cleaning involves cleaning all the insides and outsides of things—all drawers, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, fridge and oven, closets. Appliances are also pulled out to be cleaned behind and everything must be emptied before our arrival

Your oven must be either sprayed ahead (if non-self cleaning) or turned on before we arrive, if it is self cleaning. Spraying a self cleaning oven will damage the finish, so if it hasn’t been run through its cycle before we arrive we will be unable to clean it properly. And if a non-self cleaning oven hasn’t been sprayed several hours ahead or left overnight, we also may not be able to clean it properly. However we will do our absolute best but can not guarantee the results.    

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